The metaphyses expand, and the epiphyses sink into them. The epiphyses are deformed, flattened, enlarged in diameter and protrude to the sides in the form of flat bowls. The articular surfaces of methotrexate are straightened and sclerosed in the subchondral regions.

The timing of the appearance of ossification nuclei is disturbed due to the accelerated maturation of the skeletal system. The vertebrae are relatively rarely affected. The bones of the brain skull can be affected in isolation in the neurovisceral form of the disease: the presence of multiple lacunar-cystic enlightenments in the spongy substance is characteristic.

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Periodontal disease is often observed in the form of marginal rarefaction along the alveolar processes of the jaws. Articular and intervertebral spaces narrow, but the degree of Methotrexate pills depends on the nature of the changes in the bone and the duration of the disease. As the disease progresses, shortening and curvature of the tubular bones occurs.

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Of the medicines, calcium and phosphorus preparations, vitamins B 1, B 12, C, aloe, vitreous, fibs are widely used, according to indications - painkillers. Arthrotomy is most indicated on the knee joint. It is made from a parapatellar incision, which makes it possible to revise the joint and remove free chondromic bodies, altered cartilage and menisci in case of their disfigurement and fragmentation. At the same time, if there is a contracture of the joint, redressing is performed.

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In cases of disfigurement of the joints with a gross deformity of the limb, joint arthroplasty is indicated. The recovery period after surgery for Kashin-Beck disease includes a set of measures aimed at restoring the function of the operated limb: early therapeutic exercises from 5-7 days, massage, physiotherapy, spa treatment, restorative treatment with the use of calcium preparations, multivitamins.

The prognosis for life is favorable. Treatment undertaken in the initial period of Rheumatrex pills leads to recovery in 30% of patients, and in more severe forms it can stabilize the process. In endemic foci, measures should be taken simultaneously against Kashin-Bek's disease and endemic goiter in humans, as well as against Urov's disease in animals, since these diseases occur in the same territory.

Preventive measures include land reclamation, soil mineralization, the creation of specialized livestock farms, the enrichment of the animal diet with mineral supplements, the supply of the population with imported products containing a sufficient amount of mineral salts, and with water from artesian wells.

BCC TeamYoung people, as well as pregnant and lactating women twice a year for 0.5-2 months are prescribed calcium supplements, seaweed, vitamins A, C and D. In the foci of endemia, the correct organization of medical control over the physical development of children and adolescents, qualified sanitary and educational work, and the improvement of living and working conditions are of great importance.

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